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Tenant Screening Information

Notice to Applicants for Tenancy.

Resident Acceptance Policies/Criteria and Consumer Reports

Does Landlord/Property Management Company accept Portable Tenant Screening Report? NO

Please read before applying. 

The following items may be considered terminal and sufficient to decline application:

Omit, incomplete, or report false information on the rental application.

Registered or unregistered Sex Offender.

Possess no state issued identification (Driver's License, Passport or ID). Photo identification required.

Insufficient, unverifiable or adverse rental history.

Broken lease without proper notice, more than 3 late rent payments, NSF checks or lease violation complaints within a 12 month period.

Eviction or unlawful detainer in the last 2 years.

Any unpaid apartment collection.

Unauthorized pets or occupants.

Damage to unit or property.

No smoking on premises (inside or outside).

No subleasing, including roommates. You, and each adult, must apply.

Any criminal conviction which invovles theft, burglary, robbery, serious offense, or a crime of violence as  defined in RCW9.41.010      


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